A commitment to the best

A commitment to the best

Already ranked the 2nd easiest place to do business in the MENA region,

 As the world’s fastest-reforming economy, Saudi Arabia has seen growing momentum and recognition for its economic transformation.  

Of course, it is no surprise that Saudi Arabia offers the world’s most competitive energy prices to investment projects. As such, Saudi Arabia continues to be a natural choice for investors in all energy-intensive industries.


But competitive advantage in today’s Saudi Arabia run much deeper than just energy. It’s about creating a world-class business environment that combines an ease of conducting business with low costs. It’s about unfettered access to regional markets and financial services. Above all, it’s about our country’s vision, and our shared commitment, to seeing your business thrive. 


When you’re ready to invest in Saudi Arabia, SAGIA is the government’s investor-friendly face. As well as a progressive regulatory environment, generous financial incentives and one of the world’s most stable currencies, the Kingdom offers an excellent standard of living – thanks to our huge experience in hosting expatriate workers and professionals from around the world.